Formal Winter Wedding at Mount Juliet | Esias & Sheena

Gingerbread House
Gingerbread House

Working with Esias and Sheena to plan their wedding with a theme focused on a winter wedding at Mount Juliet was a delight and turned out beautifully! After hearing about the proposal from Sheena, I knew we had to match the romance and personality of this wonderful couple. My suggestion for the venue was Mount Juliet, which I have featured in a previous post highlighting the top 10 country house wedding venues in Ireland, but the bride initially had her mind set on a few other locations which ended up being unavailable. In the end, after seeing Mount Juliet, she agreed that it was a great location that checked all the boxes she was looking for – being close to Dublin, available accommodations for guests, food options, etc.

To describe a bit more about why I suggested Mount Juliet, it is nestled within the verdant Irish countryside, it is a breathtaking wedding venue that offers an idyllic setting at a majestic Georgian Manor house, set on a sprawling 500-acre estate. The bride described to me that she had always dreamt of a winter wedding and this venue seamlessly blends historic elegance with modern luxury, providing an enchanting backdrop for the ultimate fairy-tale winter wedding. Surrounded by meticulously landscaped gardens, ancient woodlands, and the tranquil River Nore, Mount Juliet is the epitome of romance and charm.

After walking down the aisle lined by beautiful floral arrangements, one touch which made the decor of the reception area stunning was a large hanging centerpiece. As described by the bride, “the room felt like a fairy-tale as a result of the intricate and magnificent floral arrangement. It was the most stunning arrangement I’ve ever seen and added a real wow factor.”

As for the rest of the wedding day decor, she expressed to me that she wanted a theme of a wintery wedding which included white florals and an abundance of greenery with navy and gold accents throughout highlighted by flickering candlelight. This idea was at the forefront during the planning process and I was able to incorporate a medley of white roses and lilies interspersed amongst the many different fragrant white blossoms, the lush greenery adds depth and texture, creating a harmonious balance between vibrant colours and verdant foliage. The floral arrangements were further illuminated by hanging candle votives, their warm, flickering glow casting a soft, romantic light that danced across the flowers and leaves.

The hanging centerpiece and other design elements created an ambiance of a warm, wintery wedding and were not only an awe-inspiring centerpiece but also a testament to the love and commitment shared by the couple on their unforgettable day.

The reception was not only beautifully decorated, but the guests had a great time listening to speeches, eating dinner, listening to a live band, and the night even featured the first dance sung by the Bride’s Uncle. While Mount Juliet wasn’t the bride’s first choice, she admitted that the other venues not being available were a blessing in disguise as the wedding went well, the location provided a stunning backdrop, and everyone had a great time.

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Photo Credits: Under the Veil, Mount Juliet