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Why You Need a Wedding Planner Now More Than Ever

Have you recently got engaged and are now facing the prospect of wedding planning? Perhaps you’re a few months down the line, and have already chosen your venue, wedding party, and colour palette. Or maybe you’re somewhere in between the two. Wherever you are on the wedding planning journey, at some point or other, every couple asks themselves: ‘do we need a wedding planner?’ There’s a perception that wedding planners are only for the most elaborate of celebrations but the truth is that almost any couple will benefit significantly from hiring a planner. Sure, anyone can plan a party, but event co-ordination is a complex and time-consuming process. Just like anything else that matters, it’s always a good idea to call in a professional to help! So, even if you think that maybe it’s not for you, here are some of the top reasons why you need a wedding planner – now more than ever!

You’re time poor. These days, time is a luxury most of us don’t have. In between work, private commitments, and daily errands, we’re lucky if we find a few moments to ourselves. Having the time to connect with each other as you prepare to get married is so important, not to mention celebrating with family and friends. Trying to squeeze everything in can create a lot of stress and result in you feeling burnt out and exhausted. On the other hand, working with a professional wedding planner will give you much of that time back. Your planner will be able to handle the majority of the work, including sourcing and booking a vendor team, dealing with paperwork, monitoring budgets, and attending to the finer details. That means you can focus on the fun parts, like your outfit and the honeymoon!

You’re planning a destination wedding. If you’re planning on getting married away from home, the time and complexity involved will only increase. You’ll need to do extensive research on local suppliers and then communicate with them through time differences and language barriers. Having a trusted professional on the ground will allow you to relax and know they have you covered. Plus, you’ll be tapping into their extensive local knowledge and professional network.

You want something extraordinary. Weddings may generally follow a traditional pattern, but every couple wants to feel that their big day is unlike anyone else’s. You want to wow your guests and give them an experience they’ll be talking about for years to come. Perhaps you have some out-of-the-box ideas or unusual requests. A wedding planner can help you bring your unique vision to life. And they’ll often add extra ideas that will make your wedding extra special and memorable!

You need an advocate. Another reason why you need a wedding planner is to juggle the different personalities and opinions involved. Although well-intentioned, family members, your wedding party, and others, can often bombard a couple with their opinions, ideas, and feelings. There may also be complicated family politics, which can be stressful to deal with, especially on your wedding day. Your wedding planner provides a neutral third party who can act as a buffer, mediator, and advisor all rolled into one. Wedding planners are the ultimate diplomats, but they also know how to be firm where they need to be in order to advocate on your behalf.

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You want a stress-free wedding day. No wedding day goes completely according to plan. No matter how carefully you arrange it, there are always a few small hiccups to be handled. These small things can leave you feeling a bit frazzled on the day if everything’s on your shoulders. More importantly, this is a day you’re supposed to be able to enjoy completely. A wedding planner will take all of this off your plate and allow you to simply show up, say “I do”, and soak in every moment!

These are just a few reasons why you need a wedding planner. If you’d like to know more about the process, do get in touch and we’ll talk you through it!

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