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Wedding Dress Trends for 2022

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has changed weddings in a number of ways, and that includes Irish wedding dress trends. In 2021 it was all about pared-back looks for low-key minimonies, including shorter dresses and separates. At the same time, months spent at home have made couples focus on what they truly want. This, too, is reflected on the latest bridal runways. Designers have never been more about personal expression. The catwalks at New York Bridal Fashion Week in October were an exciting mix of the old and the new, the traditional and the bold. The ultimate takeaway was that there’s a look for every bride, whatever her style.

Even amongst all this variety, however, there were a few 2022 bridal fashion trends that stood out and these are the ones that brides across the globe will be wearing next year. Here are the Irish wedding dress trends coming to a salon near you soon.


If you love Regency styling, then this is the 2022 wedding dress trend for you! Bridgerton-inspired corset bodices and visible boning detail are a key look for next year. They’re the perfect blend of vintage and modern and just happen to be super flattering too. Structured bodices support the bust and cinch the waist, creating that perfect hourglass look. But, while the look is definitely sexy, it’s really all about old world elegance and regal glamour. Perfect for a grand celebration at an Irish castle wedding venue!

Prominent florals

Floral elements aren’t new in bridal but they’re getting bolder and more prominent for 2022. Irish wedding dress trends will include floral motifs, prints, embroidery, and 3D blooms. There’s something so joyous and hopeful about seeing this among the 2022 Irish wedding dress trends. It’s all about new life, romance, and celebration. Just what we need after the last two years!

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Mini dresses

Short dresses were a go-to option for minimony brides last year. For 2022, designers are running with the look and raising hemlines, for brides who are ready to celebrate! These are real party dresses but they aren’t just for rehearsal dinners and after parties. Add a veil and you’re ceremony-ready. Bridal mini dresses also show a playful spirit and a willingness to take traditional bridal and make it uniquely you. Plus, they’re a great way to show off a pair of gorgeous shoes!


Perfect for a confident contemporary bride, cutouts are another big bridal trend for 2022. Designers are showing little peeks of skin, from based midriffs to back slits, to tasteful peekaboo detailing. It’s a great way to make a simple silhouette fresh and unique.

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Versatile transitional pieces

Again, inspired by the direction taken during the pandemic, bridal designers are embracing bridal separates in a whole new way. This is all about pieces that can work across different parts of the wedding or different wedding events and even remain in a bride’s wardrobe after the big day. Think detachable details, tailored pant suits and jumpsuits, capes, jackets, crop tops, and overskirts. The possibilities are endless!

Which of these 2022 wedding dress trends do you find most appealing?

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