International Luxury Wedding Planners Tara Fay

What are International Luxury Wedding Planners and What Makes a Luxury Wedding?

The term ‘luxury wedding’ has become a bit of a buzzword over the last few years It’s certainly an expression you hear more often now than when I started the first international luxury wedding planners in Ireland back in 1997! But, of course, luxury is a relative term. We all define it differently. So what does having a ‘luxury wedding’ actually mean? What does it take to plan a luxury wedding? What are international luxury wedding planners and how are they different? If you’ve ever been curious about these questions then read on to find out more about what puts the ‘luxe’ in luxury events!

International Luxury Wedding Planners Tara Fay

Some people assume that the distinguishing factor when defining a luxury wedding is cost. However, while it’s true that it’s generally accepted that a luxury wedding budget will be over $100K, it isn’t just about the spend. Instead, what makes a wedding ‘luxury’ is that it is all about the experience. Some are huge events spread over multiple days with hundreds of guests. Others are intimate affairs with a carefully selected group of family and friends enjoying a bespoke program of events. But in all cases, luxury wedding clients are looking to take care of their guests and give them a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They put a high priority on hospitality and their guests’ comfort and they value exclusivity, original artistry, and that elusive wow-factor.

As international luxury wedding planners, it’s our job to understand this, and to create an elevated experience that is tailored to each couple’s unique tastes, preferences, and hosting style. We conceptualise and execute thoughtful touches that make this incredible moment of celebration into one that will live on in the memories of all who attend. As guests move from one part of the wedding to the next, they should experience a feeling of anticipation, wondering what’s next, and delight as each new detail is revealed. Some of those event elements will be opulent, like breathtaking statement floral installations or celebrity entertainment. Others are small personal touches, or those that speak of quality and elegance. From beginning to end, a luxury wedding should feel like a celebration unlike any other.

Luxury weddings aren’t just about the guest experience. They’re also about the experience of the couple and their family, from the moment they make their first contact. Putting your wedding day in someone else’s hands takes a leap of faith, and in return you should enjoy a planning and design process that feels comprehensive, cohesive, supportive, comfortable, and bespoke. When it comes to the wedding day, you should be able to relax and enjoy every second without a moment of stress or worry. Our clients are king, and they expect (and receive) excellence!

So what makes international luxury wedding planners different? It takes a special blend of skills to create luxury weddings. For example, creativity, artistry, vision, meticulous attention to detail, impeccable organisational and management skills, an unflappable personality, and a well of experience and professional contacts to draw on. And, of course, while fee structures vary from one planner to the next, you should expect an international luxury wedding planner’s fees to be a significant portion of your budget. Planning a high-end wedding can take hundreds if not thousands of hours, and no other single service provider will put as much time, expertise, and hard work into your big day as your planner. That’s why, if you’re planning a luxury wedding, it’s important to invest in someone who is able to take on the challenge, exceed expectations, and be the ultimate advocate for you and your vision. This elite group of professionals are the best in the business worldwide, and I’m proud to count myself among their ranks.

Since founding my events company, my team and I have created and produced some of the biggest luxury weddings in Ireland and Europe, for an exclusive list of clients that include celebrities, business and political leaders, and public figures. I have worked alongside the world’s top floral designers, couturiers, chefs, stylists, and photographers, and am regularly featured in magazines and on radio and television, where I am the co-presenter of RTE Ireland’s My Big Day: Home or Away. I have also worked closely with the national tourist boards to promote Ireland as a destination wedding location.

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