Green Inspiration: Wedding Décor Ideas

Springtime in Ireland is a season of rejuvenation, as the enchanting landscapes come alive with vibrant shades of green and delicate blossoms. This picturesque setting is the perfect backdrop for a wedding, inspiring couples to bring green into their wedding decor. Drawing from the natural splendor of the Irish countryside, couples can create a wedding aesthetic that is both elegant and organic. I’ve been sharing some of my favourite green-inspired design details on my Instagram, so be sure to check that out for more green-themed wedding inspiration. By weaving in the green hues and lush textures of spring, my Instagram posts show decor ideas that effortlessly capture the essence of the season, reflecting the blossoming love story and the magical charm of Ireland.

Ideas for incorporating green into any wedding

Wedding Decor Idea: Floral Focal Points

The Grayson Dublin floral staircase

In many of my Instagram posts, you can see the traditional wedding arch, a symbol of the couple’s new life together, is lovingly adorned with native Irish foliage such as ivy, ferns, and moss, interwoven with delicate blossoms like wild roses and bluebells. This harmonious combination not only reflects the essence of spring but also sets a whimsical tone for the entire event.

Complementing the wedding arch, the centerpieces showcase an array of Irish greenery, intertwining with seasonal flowers, to bring a sense of unity and life to the table settings. Springtime wedding decor ideas are easy when hosting your wedding in Ireland due to the natural splendor of the surroundings but also creating a truly unforgettable atmosphere that celebrates the love and new beginnings of the happy couple.

Another idea to integrate more greenery would be in the form of garlands and chair floral arrangements. Both of these have the power to elevate wedding decor, infusing a sense of natural elegance and freshness into the celebration.

Using Fabric to Bring More Colour To Your Venue

An organic tapestry that can be draped gracefully along the aisle, staircases, or even suspended from ceilings, can create an atmosphere of beauty and serenity. Complementing the garlands, chair ornaments adorned with greenery enhance the ceremony and reception seating, turning ordinary chairs into eye-catching accents. These decorations can consist of delicate clusters of foliage, tied with rustic twine or luxurious ribbons, that cascade gracefully down the chair backs, or more elaborate arrangements of greenery interwoven with flowers, adding an extra layer of charm and romance to the setting.

By adding greenery to your reception table canopies and floral chandeliers which will elevate the wedding decor to new heights, creating an atmosphere that exudes sophistication and romance. A table canopy, adorned with lush foliage provides an area under which guests can dine and celebrate. The blend of leaves and fragrant blossoms creates a sense of intimacy while transforming the reception space into a magical garden. Complementing the table canopy, floral chandeliers infuse the setting with a touch of opulence and grandeur. Suspended from above, these chandeliers showcase an elegant fusion of greenery and flowers, casting a soft, romantic glow on the festivities below. The delicate dance of leaves and blooms catches the eye and provides a stunning focal point for the entire event.

There are so many wedding decor ideas to think about when adding greenery to your wedding, whether it be “organic” or textile, adding colour is always a way to elevate the look and feel of any event. If you want to check out more ideas on how to add greenery to your wedding, check out this blog post.

Slán go Fóill,


Photos by Niall Scully, Story of Eve