A Dream Wedding at Killruddery House: Brett and Jos’ Unforgettable Day

Love, laughter, and cherished memories filled the air at this Killruddery House wedding in County Wicklow, Ireland, on June 4th, 2022. This historic venue provided the perfect backdrop for the long-awaited wedding ceremony of Brett and Jos. From their serendipitous meeting in 2016 to a heartfelt proposal in 2019, their journey led them to this picturesque moment of pure joy and celebration. Before diving in, if you are looking for more tips about planning a destination wedding at Killruddery (or Ireland in general), check out this blog I wrote detailing do’s and don’ts when wedding planning. And now, a little more about this wonderful couple that we adored working with. Brett and Jos, congratulations on your day and beautiful marriage too!

An Enchanting Proposal

Brett’s proposal to Jos was a culmination of careful planning and sentimental value. Having carried the ring for a year, he chose a breathtaking location—Jos’ family house on a dock overlooking the river. With the ring sparkling in his hand, Brett asked Jos to marry him, and she joyfully accepted. It was a heartwarming start to their future together.

The Welcome Party

Before the grand day, the couple hosted a welcome party at the whiskey distillery beside Powerscourt House. Their desire for a dynamic and vibrant evening led them to this unique location. The impromptu blue and white colour scheme added an unexpected charm to the event, and the couple couldn’t have been happier with the result.


Preparing for the Ceremony

On the wedding morning, Jos found herself surrounded by love and support as she got ready at Powerscourt Hotel. Accompanied by her closest friends and family, and with the talented David Cashman and Christine Lucignano by her side, she eagerly anticipated the momentous occasion. However, when it came time to get dressed, it was a quiet and intimate moment shared with her mother in one of the bedrooms before her Killruddery House wedding.

A Perfect Setting

As the ceremony began, guests were captivated by the ethereal beauty of the amphitheatre at Killruddery. Normally inaccessible during public tours, this secluded spot had hosted open-air operas in the past. With umbrellas at the ready for the unpredictable Irish weather, fortune smiled upon them with a clear sky. Also, an important feature included throughout the ceremony and reception was the use of ceramic swans (symbolic since they mate for life) at the request of the bride and groom.


The Ceremony Unfolds

Jos made her way to the ceremony, accompanied by her brother. The sound of a string quartet playing “You and Me” resonated throughout the gardens as she walked with grace and elegance. The couple’s commitment to ensuring their loved ones enjoyed the surroundings was evident, as each guest was served champagne on the way to the ceremony, adding an extra touch of celebration.

Personal Touches

Jos’ dress was an absolute stunner! She found it during a shopping spree with her mom in Florida, and it was a perfect match for the day. When it came to choosing an officiant & wedding planner, the couple wanted someone who truly understood them. They asked me and I gladly accepted the task, and the ceremony turned out to be everything they had imagined. They even incorporated an old Celtic tradition, binding their hands with a blue rope during the hand-fasting ceremony, inspired by their wedding invitations.

Ringing in Joy

As a sweet touch, each guest received a little bell tied with a blue ribbon. It’s an Irish tradition to ring bells at weddings to ward off evil spirits. As the ceremony ended, the sound of bells mingled with the quartet’s melodies, creating a symphony of joy. Brett and Jos couldn’t wait to move on to the cocktail reception and celebrate with their loved ones.

A Night of Fun and Elegance

The couple’s vision of a glamorous champagne coupe tower became a reality, with everyone enjoying the same champagne that had been a hit at Jos’ sister’s wedding, brought all the way from their parent’s home in France. London Essentials provided the perfect soundtrack during cocktails and dinner, setting a romantic and enchanting mood in the orangery. The flickering candlelight from the hand-dipped candles added an extra touch of magic. Any future weddings could not be more picturesque than this Killruddery House wedding.


If you are interested in reading more about this dreamy Killruddery House wedding, check out all the details and story coming very soon over at Over The Moon.

Slán go Fóill,



Killruddery House Team: Planner & Design: Tara Fay Events| Flowers: Mark Grehan | Candles & Tabletop: Tara Fay Events | Photography: Barry McCall | Video: Story of Eve | Stationery & Invites: TPD | Dinner Music & Sunday Music: London Essentials | Vintage Coach: Vintage Coaches | Ladies Activity: Orange Works | Mens Shooting: Courtlough Shooting Grounds | Late Music: Dj Gordo | Ceremony Music: Mamisa Strings | Music Rehearsal Dinner: Seaver Consulting | Venue Wedding: Merrion Hotel & MoLi | Venue Rehearsal Dinner: Powerscourt Distillery | Venue Lobster and Champagne: Lu Wicklow Polo Club | Hair: David Cashman | Makeup: Christine Lucignano | Cake: Claire Ann Taylor | Linens & Napkins: Bespoke Irish | Chairs: Total Event Rental | Plates: Maison Margaux | Glassware: Caterhire | Lighting:  Gorilla Design C29 | Catering Wedding Day: Killruddery House and Gardens | Catering Sunday Lobster Day: Claire Hanley