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2023 Wedding Trend Alert: Hanging Florals for Your Wedding Venue

Wedding decor and thematic decoration are constantly changing, and as we move into 2023, it’s clear that hanging florals are set to still be a major trend. These stunning floral installations add a whimsical touch to any wedding venue, and they offer a unique way to incorporate natural beauty into your special day. Curious about how to incorporate the hanging floral trend? Here are some of my tips on how to incorporate them into your wedding decor.

What are Hanging Floral Arrangements?

Hanging floral arrangements are simply floral arrangements that are suspended from the ceiling or other high points in a wedding venue. These can take many forms, from floral chandeliers to hanging floral hoops, garlands, and even backdrops. As an example, see the picture below of a wedding at Virginia Park Lodge I planned which featured hanging floral chandeliers.

hanging florals for fall wedding in Ireland

Benefits of Hanging Florals

One of the primary benefits of hanging florals is that they add an extra dimension to wedding decor. While traditionally flowers may be placed on tables or along the aisle, this alternative decoration will create a focal point that draws the eye upward. This can be especially beneficial in larger wedding venues where you may be wondering how to “fill the space”. They also allow couples to incorporate natural beauty into their wedding venue uniquely and unexpectedly.

Selecting Flowers and Greenery

When selecting flowers and greenery, it’s essential to consider a few factors. Don’t forget to keep in mind the location of the decorations, for example, whether or not they will be placed indoors or outdoors. If your ceremony will be primarily held outside, be aware of the temperature (heat can cause drooping in some varietals) and the possibility of rain and if they will need to be under a cover. Keeping this in mind and matching the ambiance of the location, will create a stunning backdrop to create a focal point behind the head table or photo booth. Also, be aware of the season in which you are getting married and select flowers that are readily available during that time of year.

Incorporating Hanging Florals into Your Wedding Venue Decor

There are many ways floral decorations can be incorporated into your ceremony and wedding venue decor. For outdoor weddings, hanging floral installations can be suspended from tree branches or other natural features. For indoor weddings, hanging floral installations can be suspended from the ceiling using rigging equipment or simply hung from hooks or wire. Working with venue staff is important to ensure that the floral arrangements are hung safely and securely.

For the ceremony, floral backdrops and floral arches can create a great focal point that draws the eye to the couple. For the reception, floral chandeliers can be suspended above the dance floor, while floral hoops and garlands can be used as table centerpieces. Garlands can be draped across the ceiling or suspended from the walls and are a great choice for a more natural look. Finally, hanging floral arrangements can be repurposed throughout the day to create a cohesive look and feel.

fall wedding cheese wedding cake table with hanging florals and greenery

Hanging florals are a unique way to incorporate natural beauty as well as add depth to your wedding decor. When selecting flowers and greenery, it’s important to consider your wedding colour scheme and the season in which you are getting married. From floral chandeliers to garlands and backdrops, many options will provide you with the perfect setting for your wedding venue.

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Photo Credit: Flowers by MoiraBecca Heuer Photography via Style Me Pretty