How to Dress up Your Church Entrance

Dressing up a church entrance is a great way to welcome guests to your ceremony and provide a picturesque spot for wedding day photos. One of the ways I love to dress up the entryway is through stunning floral designs that envelope the archway or stand on each side of the beautiful front door.

When it comes to floral décor for church entrances, each is unique in its own way. From the flowers and greenery chosen to the overall shape, there are ways to make each special. Here are some of my favourites to inspire how you dress up your church entrance:

Green and White

A traditional green and white wedding can stun and this floral entryway shows just that. Something I love about floral decoration is that it can truly be anything you want and any shape you can dream of.

Add a touch of natural beauty by having your florals and greenery crawling up the archway of the church door in a way that makes it seem almost as if the carefully curated decoration grew there!

Autumnal Selection

One way to make your floral arrangement on your church entryway stand out is by going with the season. For obvious reasons, it is best to source flowers that will grow in the season you wed in. But for aesthetic purposes, it can also add to the mood of the season.

Along with this, work in some colours that are indicative of the season itself. Like in this case, pops of warm oranges bring out the feeling of Autumn in the air.

Wildflower Wonder

A fun way to incorporate the place you’re holding your wedding is by including wildflowers from the region. If you’re aiming to have a pop of every colour, start with a base of greenery and then piece in flowers in each of the tones you want.

Something Blue

A stunning floral piece like this is a great way to design a simple but elegant look for a church entrance. Along with this, the two-pillared shape makes for a floral frame for each of your guests’ wedding day photos.

The saying goes: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” And an entryway like this certainly pays homage to something blue.

Will you have a floral-decorated entrance at your church ceremony? Dress up your church entrance in a way that is fitting to your personality, and remember to enjoy every moment of your big day!

Slán go Fóill,


Images by Story of Eve , Anee Atelier and Greg Finck